The gloves are off for classic car insurance

The gloves are offIt doesn't take a genius to work out why the glove box is called just that, but how many classic car owners actually keep gloves in it?

Owners of vintage motors or convertibles which pretty much expose them to the elements may be more likely to keep gloves (and scarves or hats!) handy, but according to research by a UK insurer, most drivers use that compartment for a whole host of different items.

Cherished Vehicle Classic car Insurance brings you the top 10:

  • Food! In olden days some of our classic cars may have carried their own picnic baskets, complete with the finest silver or porcelain, but today 8% of us carry just sachets of condiments - ketchup, mayonnaise etc - presumably in case we run across an impromptu barbeque?
Car Insurance and Driving Abroad

Car Insurance or Driving Abroad

If you've booked your holiday for later this summer (or are thinking of getting a late deal to escape this dreadful weather!) then you'll no doubt be getting excited about your trip, counting down the weeks or days, checking weather forecasts for your chosen destination, shopping for holiday clothes or so on.

If you're planning on driving when you're abroad it's easy to focus more on the maps or the issue of driving on the 'wrong' side of the road than on the need for adequate auto insurance.  If you're going to be driving as part of a fly-drive package, then you'll no doubt have to arrange insurance for your hire car, the cost of which may be included in the package deal.  But if you're taking your own car with you, it is vital that you remember to contact your insurers before you leave in order to extend your existing cover to allow you to drive abroad.

Causes for the Car Accident

car accident causesOwning an auto provides you with a great sense of liberty.

Having the power to go off for a drive at the drop of a hat is a luxury that's well worth having and shouldn't be treated disrespectfully. You obviously need car insurance as employing an automobile carries many responsibilities. You should also be responsible when it comes to driving in order to avoid accidents. As with all vehicles there are lots of moving parts, every one of which can go bad. This isn't to claim that they can. Like many things if something is well looked after then it can last a very long time.


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