The gloves are off for classic car insurance

The gloves are offIt doesn't take a genius to work out why the glove box is called just that, but how many classic car owners actually keep gloves in it?

Owners of vintage motors or convertibles which pretty much expose them to the elements may be more likely to keep gloves (and scarves or hats!) handy, but according to research by a UK insurer, most drivers use that compartment for a whole host of different items.

Cherished Vehicle Classic car Insurance brings you the top 10:

  • Food! In olden days some of our classic cars may have carried their own picnic baskets, complete with the finest silver or porcelain, but today 8% of us carry just sachets of condiments - ketchup, mayonnaise etc - presumably in case we run across an impromptu barbeque?
  • Food again. This time 11% of drivers 'tuck' their glove boxes with emergency rations such as crisps or chocolate
  • Probably more than 38% of motorists have a first-aid kit in their cars, but that's the number who keep it to hand in the glove box
  • Not necessarily recommended (as it could make thieves' lives easier), but 44% carry proof of ownership such as the registration document
  • Although the British summer might not match up to expectations, 47% of us optimistically keep sunglasses in there, just in case
  • A sensible 53% of owners carry a torch or another sensible choice - 71% of us like the added protection of a good old-fashioned map for when the lady or gent in the sat-nav is lost
  • Napkins, tissues, wet-ones - whatever you call them, 71% of glove boxes contain some sort of quick wipes (for mopping up spilt sachets of ketchup, mayonnaise etc?)
  • 92% of drivers take their driving licence or store it in the box when out in the car ...

... or number ONE is … insurance! A whopping 94% of us carry insurance paperwork. So off with the gloves, your Cherished Vehicle Insurance documents from Cherished Vehicle Insurance will fit snugly into the glove box or leave plenty of room for the other top nine!