Car Polish & Car Wax - The Difference

car polish & car waxThere's plenty of misunderstanding about the difference between an auto polish and an auto wax. Auto Polish and Vehicle Wax have become interchangeable terms recently. Adding to the confusion, some manufacturers even call their product a polish when actually it's a wax. Little wonder many individuals think about car polish the same way they believe of furniture polish, or nail polish - something that is applied and leaves a glossy surface. However, there's a large difference between the 2 when referring to car paint and paint protection. Employing an auto polish is like buffing a fingernail.

The abrasives in a nail buffing cream remove dead cells and ridges from your nail and leave it clean, smooth, and ...yes...shiny. A real car polish works the same way, by scratch. Due to its abrasive properties, a polish is superb at removing scratches and swirl marks. It also conditions the paint, gets shot of light oxidization, and creates a high gloss not possible with auto wax alone. It is also vital to note a true, pure polish leaves nothing behind on the surface. Also remember that since polish is an abrasive, it is important not to overuse it. I know some automobile fans who only use polish on their cars. I would not advocate this. An occasional once-over, and some spot treatments for minor scratches or swirl marks might be all you need. An automobile wax is totally different. Back to our fingernail analogy, a nail polish, though it's called a polish, in fact works more of a wax. It gives its properties onto your nail, therefore reinforcing the shine, and safeguarding it.

In the same way, an auto wax leaves behind a layer of material which then brings out the depth of shine in your paint as it protects your paint's finish from oxidization and harmful road debris. a good polish must be followed by a good coat of wax for more shine and protection. We here at Stuff Products like Carnauba wax. Carnauba has a tendency to produce a deeper, darker, richer shine than any other wax, and will not build up like man-made polymer waxes that may, over the passage of time leave your ride looking lifeless, even milky, and that is not good! So a polish helps to "perfect " or buff out minor defects in your paint. Wax helps augment the disposition of the paint you have got. It's good to understand the difference. As you can not remove swirl marks employing a polish that is actually simply a wax and far too much of a good polish can hurt your car's finish.